Case Study VOIP

Business Problem :

  • Making and Receiving Direct Phone Calls.
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi.
  • Integrate Phone Contacts.
  • Compatible with IPod Touch 2nd generation and IPhone 4G/3G/ 2G.

Solution :

  • VOIP calling application was created to enable the users to make free calls by just dialing numbers through the keypad or selecting the number from the contacts list.
  • The application supported iPod 2nd generation and above.
  • Making and receiving VoIP calls(Direct Number From 75 Country is Available).
  • Built-in tunnel for passing thru VoIP blockades.
  • Connectivity through WIFI4) Anytime Balance information

Benefits :

  • No need to dial any access numbers
  • No roaming charges
  • No Carrier minutes usage charges
  • No Only Wi-Fi required- Call from anywhere you have cellular coverage
  • No Hidden charges
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Direct Contacts Dialing
  • Uses iPhone contacts
  • Logs recent calls
  • Crystal Clear Quality