Case Study Mobile Phone

Business Problem :

  • Mobile phones today have the power of enabling financial transactions between two individuals/ institutions/ parties. Enabling mobile commerce for an end customer involves participation of multiple stakeholders and ensuring user experience, security and various feature sets has been the key around this space. Customer intended to build a product that would allow the end users to perform recharge of various subscription-based services like airtime top-ups, DTH and others.
  • The product would also enable transfer of currencies from one user to another using the mobile app. The currency could be credited into the wallet either via customer accounts, credit cards or from the user’s account with the cellular services provider.

Solution :

  • Developed solutions that addressed security holistically - security for mobile app, device secure element, customer authentication, payment transaction
  • PCI compliant and other standards enabled product
  • AES encryption, multi-factor authentication
  • Enabled wire transfer between different accounts
  • Scalable back end component to enable future expansion of the product

Benefits :

  • Safer and faster transaction capability
  • Secured way of executing wire transfers and payments
  • Multiple card support from multiple institutions
  • Support of various subscription based service providers – one place for most of the subscription services payments
  • Simple and efficient user experience