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Business Problem :

The client wanted to have a cloud storage solution with the following features:

  • Sync Folders, Schedule Off site Backups Web Folder
  • Drive Mapping, Direct File Editing, Share Files using Dropbox Links, View / Edit Documents & Pictures and Online Photo Slideshows
  • Video and Audio Streaming Search Files by Content
  • Custom MetaData SSL Encryption, Secure FTP

Solution :

  • Team-Connect VOIP, Messaging & Collaboration
  • Sync Folders, Schedule Offsite Backups
  • Web-Folder Drive Mapping, Direct File Editing
  • View / Edit Documents and Pictures Online
  • Search Files by Content, Custom Meta-Data
  • SSL Encryption, Secure FTP, Web-DAV
  • Version History with Check-in/ Checkout

Benefits :

  • User is provided rich features like, content upload/download progress, notifications incase of sync problems, icon overlay on folders to visualize sync status.
  • User can synchronize his/her data to any number of machines after getting authenticated.
  • Can send fax through custom API's.
  • Integration of social media.