Case Study Valverde School

Business Problem :

The Client is a performing arts school located in Southern California, established with the goal of creating a place where students and their families receive high level of instruction in various performing arts: Dance, Music and Theatre. The client’s aim was to reach out to their current and potential students and their families through a mobile application providing up-to-date information on various class schedules, events and rehearsals thus allowing them to enrol for the same.

Solution :

  • The application presents users with the schedule of current week’s classes, events and rehearsals. The users can also enroll for the classes, buy tickets for the events and look at the promotional videos/pictures of the events within the application
  • Web services and Admin console was developed to interact with the app and the database

Benefits :

  • Easy access to information about classes, rehearsals, upcoming performances etc. thus allowing users to stay updated on activity surrounding this growing school
  • Eliminates the need of sending paper schedules and newsletters along-with giving users access to older newsletter
  • Provides a convenient way for users to enrol in various classes and events