Case Study Outstanding Kids

Business Problem :

Outstanding Kids was looking for an application for students that will help them in getting organized at an early age. The app was required to have a simple interface & following attributes:

  • Multiple disciplines/categories of activities to choose from
  • Grade-appropriate activities with pre-defined 4-8 weeks targets
  • A reward for kids once the target is achieved

Solution :

Copper Mobile developed “Go World Kids” application to meet specific needs of client. The app had following features:

  • Easy-to-use interface for kids
  • Students can view various activities, set goals, and define strategies to accomplish goals
  • Tips are shown based on the grades of student
  • Virtual hot air balloon ride given to student on achieving the set goals

Benefits :

  • Students learn to plan things and utilize time in a better way
  • Grade system enables students to measure their efficiency
  • Virtual hot air balloon ride is a good way to motivate students