Case Study Around Campus

Business Problem :

  • A division of University Directories in LLC wanted a mobile app which could provide listing of various offers from business outlets around the University campuses for the students of the Universities. App should provide an easier way of searching such offers, based on student’s current location.

Solution :

  • Solution provided displays the list of Universities associated with the app, by tracking the user’s current location or by providing a list where GPS location is not available, and then showing list of offers available for the selected university by displaying the coupons.
  • App also provides information about various business outlets available in and around the campus.
  • The user can share the coupons with other users.

Benefits :

  • Copper Mobile, as a part of solution, provided greater ease to users in locating different offers available in the business outlet.
  • The app also helps user to locate the business outlets.
  • Coupons available can be shared among the users via SMS, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Solution gave more value to the business listed on the app, with direct interaction with the customers.